An Offer to invest in the SA TV business
How Do We Do This? 
INFINIVY was able to save on CDN costs by developing its own CDN without the need for acquiring one from a third party vendor. INFINIVY has also developed its own content crawler that has the ability to aggregate 50 million video items per month, on any subject in the world and populate these video items into endless TV channels running on our platform 24/7. This allows INFINIVY to offer Free TV channels that can attract many users and drive advertisors to spend money on its platform, thereby making this a unique solution and profitable proposition for communication/telco companies. 
INFINIVY has secured a free adverting based revenue sharing partnership agreements with Vodacom and Telkom, two of the top 5 mobile providers in South Africa with a combined total of over 40 million subscribers. Additionally, INFINIVY is in the advance stages of securing a third ad revenue sharing partnership agreement. INFINIVY is continuing to explore more opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa and expand to other emerging markets worldwide. 
What are we seeking? 
INFINIVY is looking to raise 2nd round investment as working capital to expand its marketing and operations and secure a greater market share with other cellular providers in South Africa.